The Cupcake Princess, The Puppy And The Knight

​Scoil Niamh CNS, Citywest, 2nd Class, 5 April 2016  

Once there was a city full of cupcakes on Cupcake Planet. 

A girl named Princess Cupcake lived there.

Her greatest wish was to build herself the biggest cupcake castle ever. 

One day, Princess Cupcake, with her best friend Iron Knight, adopted a cupcake puppy.

It was Princess Cupcake’s birthday and Iron Knight wanted to help her adopt a puppy as part of her birthday present. 

In Cupcake City, when it rained, it rained magic sprinkles. One day when it was raining, the magic sprinkles fell into a pond and melted.

Princess Cupcake’s puppy drank out of the lemonade pond and suddenly he had super powers. 

“Now that he has superpowers, maybe he can help me defeat the chocolate spider and his toffee webs,” the princess thought to herself...