The Curse of the Intolerant

Our Lady of Victories Boys National School, Ballymun, 5th Class, 13th May 2009
Once there was a pig, and not just any pig. He was a secret agent pig, called Power Pig. His best friend was a doughnut, and not just any doughnut. He had jam and icing and was called Rocky the Doughnut.

At the Pigs’ Palace in Hollywood, Power Pig and Rocky the Doughnut were waiting for Dr. MooMoo to strike.

Dr. MooMoo had been a good cow, but he went to the evil side because he spilled sour milk on himself. Power Pig was afraid of Dr. MooMoo, because he was lactose intolerant.

Power Pig hated lactose because he was also afraid of of getting his tail straightened. Dr. MooMoo had some hairgel with lactose that straightened tails.

Power Pig and Rocky the Doughnut’s boss was called Johnny Peacock. Johnny had told Power Pig to wait until Dr. MooMoo struck...