The Curse of Julia Mama

Our Lady of Victories GNS, 5th class, 8th September 2021

Angelica the Shape-Shifter lived in a forest. She spent her days looking for symbols that could get her powers back. Julia Mama the Evil Chef was jealous of Angelica’s power. 

One day, she poisoned one of her dishes and gave it to Angelica.

Angelica met her best friend Fillupa Flop in a desert while she was searching for symbols. 

“Where are you going to look for the next symbol?

Why don’t you go to Julia Mama’s restaurant?” asked Fillupa Flop. 

“I was trying to avoid it but I’m tempted to go,” replied Angelica. 

Angelica and Fillupa Flop go to Julia Mama’s restaurant.

When they arrived, Angelica was brought to the VIP section and she was alone in the room. 

There was a dish on the table and Angelica couldn’t resist.

She took a bite and her vision blurred. She fell unconscious.

Then Julia Mama came into the room and took Angelica’s body.

She brought Angelica back to the forest and into her secret cave where she locked Angelica in a cage...