The Curse of the Zombie

St. Patrick's JNS, Blanchardstown, 2nd Class, 27/05/10
Once upon a time, there lived a horrible monster called Mr Night. Mr Night had four arms and four legs and only came out at night.

This is because his wife, Mrs Night ruled the world during the day.

One day Mr and Mrs Night had a fight.

“You always leave me alone during the day and you stay out all night,” said Mrs Night.

“You horrible person! Go away!” replied Mr Night.

“Why do you only come out at night and never in the morning?” asked Mrs Night

“Because I’m really scared of you at night when you turn into a zombie.”

“It’s not my fault I turn into a zombie,” said Mrs Night, as green tears flowed down her cheeks.

Mrs Night got angrier and shouted loudly. Suddenly, they heard a crash of thunder.