Da Legend Pug, Puglished

​Scoil Barra Buachaillí/Beaumont Boys, County Cork, 2nd Class, 17th February 2017

Once upon a time in a DogLand far far away, when a dog made his own planet, Da Legend Pug would rise and be the hero of his land. His best friend is Ze Legend Doge. 

Far far away in the planet of Earth there’s The Evil Chewahaha trying to take over his planet and he doesn’t even know about it. 

Ze Legend Doge is spying on Earth to see what the Evil Chewaha is doing. But then The Evil Chewaha finds out that Ze Legend Doge is on his planet.

When Ze Legend Doge flies back (from Earth) he left a message and he forgot to bring it back and it said, `Please don’t come back to Dog Planet again’.  

While The Evil Chewahaha is trying to find out where Dog Planet is he is getting loads of food from his owner. 

The Evil Chewahahaha sends candy robots to try and take over DogLand City and rule the world. 

The Evil Chewahaha is searching around the whole Milky Way to find Dog Planet.

He sends Flying Cats into Mars, but he doesn’t know that’s Mars (loads of Mars bars fall down to Earth and every child is screaming `hurray!’).

Then, when The Evil Chewahaha comes back to earth he realises it was the message that Ze Legend Doge forgot to bring to Dog Land. 

While the rest of the dogs on DogLand was partying Da Legend Pug found out that the Evil Chewahaha is searching for him.

Da Legend Pug says to his best friend, ``The Evil Chewahaha is coming. We have to move fast and we have to stop him!’’