Daddy Quest

Phizzfest, 1 September 2012
Once upon a time, Ray, the summer elf, was having breakfast. He lived in a mushroom on a desert island.

He was eating toast with beetle jam.  Ray lived with his little sister and his friend, the blue frog, called Red.

Ray was feeling happy because he was going into town with Red to buy his little sister beetle lip gloss and afterwards, they were going to have ice-cream. While he was in town Ray bought a lotto ticket.  

Later that night, Ray, his sister, Red and Ray’s best friend, Turty the flying turtle were watching telly.  The Big Big Movie was on and at the break, the lotto presenter announced the winning numbers.  
Ray looked at his ticket. 

He jumped on the sofa and said, “HOT FUDGE!! We’re rich!! I’m a millionaire.  Dinner’s on me!”  His little sister said, “I’ll have pizza!”.  Turty said, “Are you sure? It’s April fools day.”  

“I’ll call them,” Ray said. He called the Lotto people.  They said, “Oh it’s great you’ve won! Come out here to Basketball Land and we’ll give you your prize right away.” 

“Great. I’ll see you tomorrow!”  Ray said.

Turty said “I’ll give you a lift”.  Ray decided to take his little sister with him. 

Ray said to his sister, “With this money, we’re finally going to find our dad.”