Dance Chick

St.Josephs GNS, Finglas West, 5th Class. 26 November 2009
One ordinary day, Johnny the dancing chicken was walking down the road when he saw Lucy Locket, his best friend.

He smelt a whiff of KFC and was scared of the smell so he ran away! They ran all the way to Burger King but they got chased out.

Outside, they saw a group of dancing chickens called the Hip Hop Chickens. Johnny flapped over and asked them, “Can I join your group?”

One of dancing chickens said, “We want to see your dancing first!”

“No,” said Johnny, who was feeling a bit shy.

Since the Hip Hop Chickens wouldn’t let him join their group, Johnny and Lucy both flapped away and decided to set up their own dancing group instead.

They invited their friends Freddy, Timmy and Floppy to join their group, which they decide to call Chicken Fever.

Johnny flapped over to the Hip Hop Chickens again and said, “I’d like to organise a dance-off for next Thursday. If Chicken Fever win, we get to join Hip Hop Chickens and form a super group!” 

“Bring it on!” the Hip Hop Chickens shouted.

There would be four judges who would decide the winning group: Simon Cow, Cheryl Sheep, Dannii Dog, and Louis Lobster.

Whichever group lost would have to go into KFC, order a ten-piece bucket of chicken and eat it!

In the week before the dance-off, they all practised every day.

Finally the day of the dance-off arrived, but during the dress rehearsal the best dancer of the Hip Hop Chickens fell off the stage and broke his wing!

(A human found his chicken wing and cooked it and ate it up!)...