The Dangerous Adventures of Draophin and Motorwolf

Sacred Heart Sr National School, Tallaght, 6th Class, County Wicklow, 01 February 2018

ABOUT a week ago, Billy the Dragophin had no water.

Then he found John the Motorwolf and rode him to the Black sea, a dark water with sharks.

When you get close to it you get a shiver up your spine.

On the way to the Black sea, John asked Billy how he came about.

“Well my mam is a dolphin and my dad is a dragon,” said Billy. “How did you come about?”

“When my mum had me, she crashed into a motorbike,” replied John. “But I still survived.”

Billy asked: “How did you survive?”

And John said: “The nurses and stuff tried to get the metal bits out of my body, but there was so much I would have died, so they put metal parts into my body to make me a Motorwolf.”

Billy asked again: “How can you shapeshift?”

“A magical witch sneezed on me,” said John, “as we drove into the hospital parking lot that day.

After that, I felt a change in my body.

“Now my nose allows me to choose to change into a wolf, a motorbike, or a motorwolf.”

They made it to the sea.

Billy was just about to take a drink and Alex the Crocopig leapt out of the water and tried to take John’s nose . . .