A Dangerous Mission

St Marys Junior School Rathmines 19th September 2011
Agent Zero was going to work at his spy agency which was based in Big Ben.

illustration story 1 He was in a helicopter coming in from Candy Land, when his parachute ripped and got caught on the clock hands which were at twelve o’clock.

Then the parachute ripped even more, and Agent Zero fell into a chute into secret trap door into Crankey McGusty’s – his boss’ – office.

The chute led to a chair right in front of his boss’ desk.

Crankey McGusty said, “you’re underachieving Agent Zero! You used to be a five star but now you’re a zero star.

You need to get back up to being at least a three star or you’re out! There’s a mission in Jamaica. There are five missing men. 

These men guard the computer chip which holds all of the agents’ secret identities.

illustration story 2I’ll give you one star back for every guard you find.”
Agent Zero said, “I won’t let you down!”

Agent Zero left his boss’ office, sat at his desk and said, “why did I say that?”
Billy Bob Josephine, Agent Zero’s partner, asked him, “what’s the next mission?”

Agent Zero told her about the five missing guards and the computer chip.

What Agent Zero didn’t know was that Billy Bob Josephine was secretly ruining all of his missions.

Billy Bob Josephine said, “okay, I’m in.  Where do we need to go?”

Agent Zero said, “Jamaica.”

Billy Bob Josephine said, “let’s go!”…