Dave’s Mission Impossible

​Scoil Cholmcille, 4th class, County Wicklow, 30 March 2017

There was once a donkey named Dave.

His greatest wish was to get a golden carrot.

There was only one golden carrot left in the world.

There was an issue that he was afraid of normal carrots. 

His best friend’s name was Empire and he was also a donkey. 

Empire was going to help Dave to go on a mission to find the golden carrot.

Dave told Empire that if he helped he would get half of the golden carrot.

But Empire secretly wanted to keep the golden carrot for himself.

Every single night they plotted how to get out of the farm to find the golden carrot.

If they were caught they’d be locked into the dark barn with rats and they’d be fed normal carrots. 

When the farmer was asleep they planned to lock him into his room so they could run off. 

The golden carrot was in a well with booby traps and normal carrots.

The only problem was that the donkeys didn’t know where the well was. 

Dave and Empire were outside the farmer’s bedroom.

Dave whispered to Empire; “You close the door and I’ll hit the lock”…