A Day In The Life Of A Snob

​Scoil Assaim Raheny, 5th Class, 20th September 2016 

There was a man called Mr Donald Hamilton who wanted to build his house out of doughnuts.

He lived in a world full of chocolate and biccies. 

In fact, his best friend was Mr Chocolate Biccie. They met long ago in Mr Donald Hamilton’s doughnut factory. 

Mr Chocolate Biccie was a nurse. He had helped Mr Donald Hamilton’s wife deliver Little Boy D-Doid, their son.

When he was born, Mr Donald Hamilton adored Little Boy D-Doid. But as he grew up, Little Boy D-Doid turned into a monster. 

Recently, Little Boy D-Doid had tried to rob Mr Donald Hamilton’s doughnut factory.

“I’m telling you, we have to get rid of him!” shouted Mr Chocolate Biccie.  They were in Mr Donald Hamilton’s office at the factory.

“But he was so cute when he was a baby,” said Mr Donald Hamilton.

“You’re traumatised by his cuteness,” Mr Chocolate Biccie told him. “He’s not that cute anymore. He’s a monster!”

Mr Donald Hamilton’s dream would never come true as long as his son was trying to take over his business.

Mr Chocolate Biccie said, “That’s why we have to get rid of him. Otherwise, your dream won’t come true.”

They walked out of the factory office and saw Little Boy D-Doid standing outside the door. He had heard everything and he was very upset...