Death’s Call

Sutton Park Intermediate School, 5th and 6th Class, 24 April 2012
Dusk was approaching and Death the unicorn wasn’t happy. 

Her pet duck, Quackers, had just died.  She picked up a box of crackers, which was a difficult thing for a unicorn to do.  Then she said, with a catch in her voice, “Quackers loved crackers.”

Just then, she noticed some handwriting scrawled on the back of the box.  It said, We had to kill your duck because he knew too much. 

There was a small crest below the words – two webbed feet with a Tommy gun pointing up from them.  Clearly, this was the work of the Duck Mafia.

Death was so angry that she began to bang her head against the nearest tree and her horn got stuck.

“I will avenge Quackers,” she said, trying to pull her horn back out.
She travelled to enlist the aid of her best friend, Clyde.  Clyde was a flying baby who ran an organisation called the DDO (Duck Destruction Organisation).  They were in an eternal fight against the Duck Mafia. 

She went to his headquarters and found he was in the middle of throwing a party.

“What’s the party for?” asked Death.

“Oh, nothing,” Clyde said, “what’s up with you?”

“My pet duck Quackers was murdered by the Duck Mafia,” said Death.  “I need your help to avenge him.”

Clyde began to sweat and stutter, suspiciously. 

“Oh, that’s terrible.  Of course I’ll help you,” he said...