The Deer and the King

St Joseph's School for the Visually Impaired
Once upon a time in the near near future lives Prince George Gav III.  He lives in a castle.  He is a rich, happy, kind and generous fellow.

He is young and handsome.

Prince George Gav III has two sisters, Princesses Eilish and Nicola.  He has one younger brother, Prince Adam.  

Prince George’s greatest ambition is to become King of the Commonwealth. Because George is the eldest brother, he expects to become King.

Adam, his younger brother, is Australian.  He is the evil brother because he was spoiled when he was a child.


George Gav II, their father, calls them to the throne. “Hello boys,” he says.

“I’m wanting to give up my throne to one of you.  Here is your mission: whoever kills the finest deer in the forest will be King.”

The two Princes are scared, but Adam is more confident than George.  They set off into the forest together.  

The Princesses stay at the castle getting ready to cook the deer when the winner gets back.  Princess Nicola crosses her fingers, hoping that George will win.  But she feels sorry for the deer because she is a vegetarian.

The Princes arrive in the forest.  They are surrounded by tall trees.  It is very warm – they get sweaty and thirsty. They hear birds singing.  The ground is all muddy, like in Oxygen.  

They hide in the bushes.  George says to Adam, “I’m scared.  Hold me.”

“I will be the King and you will lose,” replies Adam, running off into the forest.

George is left alone.  He is no longer scared.  He is determined to be King.  

The finest, tastiest deer in the forest runs further into the trees, trying to get away.  

The deer comes up to George and gives him a bottle of Coca-Cola.  George is surprised and really happy because he is so thirsty.  “Thank you.  This is very fizzy,” says George to the deer.

Adam sees George talking to the deer and sees a gateway to success.  He says to himself, “I’m gonna shoot that deer. I’m very hungry.”  

Adam is nervous – this is the most important moment of his life.  He takes a nervous shot – and misses! George begins to see Adam’s softer side.  

The Princes make friends and walk through the woods together, with the deer and the bottle of Coca-Cola.  When they get back to the castle there is a barbeque prepared and a disco.  

The Princes decide to let the people vote on who will be King.  Their father is disappointed at first, but is glad that his sons have managed to reason with each other.  

The people of the Kigdom raise their hands to decide who will be King.  Everybody at the party votes for George.  

Princess Nicola, the vegetarian of the family, is delighted that the deer has not been harmed.  She gives her brother – the new King – a big hug and a salad sandwich.

“I knew it George.  I knew you would win.  I’m happy for you man.”

The party begins.  Everyone dances and is merry.  They eat vegetarian burgers and chips and sandwiches.  They drink Coca-Cola.