Defender of the Forest

St Andrew’s NS, 5th class, County Wicklow, 7th December 2017

Once upon a time a forest girl went on an adventure in a new part of the forest.

There was a poacher who went out into the forest on the same day. 

Forest girl fell out of a tree onto the poacher’s back.

Matt her massive bear boyfriend was as usual catching butterflies and eating honey:

“Yum-love honey” he said.

Suddenly Matt froze and saw forest girl on the poacher’s back. 

When the poacher saw the bear he knew what he was going to have for dinner!

“Aaahh!” said the bear and the poacher drew out his gun.

“No!” said forest girl, and she jumped off the poachers back to block the gun.

Forest girl was wearing a bullet proof vest made by a spider’s web.

The bullet ricocheted…