Deflating Dude and His Mom

St. Fiacra’s SNS, 6th class, 12th October 2020

One Saturday at 2:30 Jack and his best friend, his Mom, Karen, were working out in the gym.

Jack was busy lifting weights while Karen was too busy screaming at someone who took the bench press.

Jack decided to move on to the rowing machine but he was so muscular that when he touched it, it came off the floor boards.

Jack ran away but tripped on a banana at the entrance to the gym.

He slammed his head into the automatic door so hard that he mixed up his emotions and felt really happy.

His mom threw paper at him which gave him a paper cut and his muscles started deflating. 

“I’m bursting!” he yelled. 

“Ladies, look away!” said Karen. “We need a balloon pump, stat!”

The power of the air was so strong that Jack got ejected out the window…