The Demon Golf Ball Rises

Our Lady of Good Counsel, Boys National School, Drimnagh, 5th Class, 7 April 2016

Once upon a time, there lived Demon Golf Ball who had a dream to take over the world.

One day, he went to go see his boss, the Devil. The Demon Golf Ball was very scared of him.

God and the Devil were having a meeting in the Heaven Kingdom.

The Devil invited Demon Golf Ball to come with him to the big golden gate. 

The Devil wanted to join God’s army. He wanted Demon Golf Ball to come with him, but Demon Golf Ball was scared of God as well – very scared. 

Demon Golf Ball wanted to betray God so he could take over the world and defeat God’s army.

Demon Golf Ball said to the Devil, “I won’t go with you because I want to take over the world.”

“The war is only just starting,” God said loudly...