The Diamond Attack

St Francis Junior School Priorswood, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Dublin, 3rd February 2020

Once upon a time Gizmo the diamond dog was in a cave.

The diamond dragon saved him from a zombie caveman.

One day, when Harry the diamond dragon was walking in the park, someone tried to steal him.

Gizmo found out and came along to save him.

Gizmo the dog shot diamonds out of his mouth to save the dragon.

The lava dipplydoppolis swooped down and got diamond dog.

Harry the diamond dragon was scared.

An automatic Lamborghini came in and saved Harry.

Then the Lamborghini and Harry the diamond dragon went to save Gizmo the diamond dog.

The Lamborghini and the diamond dog went home to Harry the diamond dragon’s house.

The dipplydoppolis tried to attack them...