The Disaster Sea

Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna, Ballymun, 2nd Class, Wednesday 29th February 2011
Seamus the Scary Shark and Sammy the Happy Dolphin were playing with some fish in Corepanthius under the sea.

Seamus turned to Sammy and said, “You’re my best friend no matter what.

I really hope nothing will come between us. I’m so happy you knew I wasn’t scary and decided to be my friend.

I wish I could be friends with all the creatures in the ocean.”

Sammy replied, “You’re welcome, Seamus. I love being your friend. I can try to help you be friends with all the other creatures.”

As they were playing, the water went dark and the Evil Mermaid swam past with her two eels.

“You’re lucky you’re a shark,” she said as she swam away.

Seamus and Sammy sighed and wondered how they could be friends with all the creatures in the ocean when the Evil Mermaid was causing so many problems in Corepanthius...