The Discovery of The Hidden Secret

Fighting Words at the Tata Literature Live! Festival Mumbai, 25 November 2017

It was a dark and snowy night.

Magnus was walking back from visiting Thompson, his friend. The streetlights began to flicker.

All Magnus could hear was the wind whistling and soft footsteps from behind. His heart was beating erratically.

All of a sudden, Magnus felt a hand on his shoulder, pulling him inside a van.

There were lots of water tubes in the van. The van seemed familiar. The water tubes reminded him of that dreadful night. This was not something that happened every day.

Meanwhile, Thompson grew suspicious because he tried to call Magnus but he wasn't picking up. Thompson was calling to see if Magnus has reached home safely.

This was the first time that Magnus hadn't picked his call.

While trapped in the van, confused and afraid, Magnus suddenly saw the image of his father in his mind. He was mixing chemicals and solutions and talking to another person.

He was saying, "There must be another way. I’ve got to save Magnus from his fate.”

Suddenly Magnus came back to the present. Then from the dark side of the van, he heard a mysterious but a familiar voice: "You've grown so quickly. You look alike your father…”