Doctor Fatmans New Beginning

Rathdown Junior School,Glenageary 3rd class
Once upon a time there was a doctor called Fatman.  He lived in a shoe.

 Every day he ate lots of sweets. 

He was afraid of vegetables. 

Whenever he saw them he tried to get away from them. 

He had a best friend called Doctor Skinny and he asked him to help him get skinny and to overcome his fear of vegetables. 

He went to Doctor Skinny’s house where Doctor Skinny had loads of vegetables laid out. 

Doctor Fatman tried to run out the door, but a giant vegetable was blocking the door.

 It was a talking, giant pumpkin.  

“Why are you running away?” said the wise old pumpkin. “You should eat lots of vegetables or else you will stay like this for the rest of your life!” Doctor Fatman fainted because this was his worst fear.  

Doctor Skinny rushed Doctor Fatman to the hospital.  But it was Doctor Fatman’s hospital so there was no Doctor there.

To wake him up Doctor Skinny waved Haribo under his nose.  Doctor Fatman had flashbacks of the giant pumpkin. 

What Doctor Fatman did not realise was that when he fainted a piece of pumpkin entered his mouth.

This was the first vegetable he had ever eaten and he kind of liked it!