Doctor Spectacles and The Polka Dot Bikini

St Kevin’s GNS​, 4th class, County Wicklow, 27th September 2018

There once lived someone called Doctor Spectacles who was a salesman.

When he was in his shop at 10 o’clock one night he saw Lizzy the Lizard drinking coffee and doing ‘the floss’.

Let’s not mind that, Dr Spectacles was here to get a polka dot bikini for his mother’s funeral.

“Hello Dr Spectacles,” Lizzy croaked, “How are you today? You’re looking very nice in your floral bikini.”

“I feel awkward in this situation,” Dr Spectacles said in his American accent, “I don’t like you in that way.

I know I’m looking for a Mrs Spectacles but I don’t think it’s you.”

Just then Scribbleface jumped out from the roof and Dr Spectacles’ bikini fell off in fright.

“Am I your Mrs Spectacles?” Scribbleface shouted.

“How dare you interrupt our conversation?” Lizzy says.

“No! Neither of you are my Mrs Spectacles!” and Mr Spectacles ran off in fright…