Dodo the Head and the Demon Rises

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumount, 2nd Class, 6th November 2019

This story is about a head called Dodo.

My name is Dodo the Head and my greatest wish is to have a body.

And my best friend is a panda called Bear.

Every time I’m going to sleep, I check if there are demons under the bed.

One day, my best friend Bear and I went to the park.

In the park, we found a slice of pizza with a face on it on the ground.

Bear said, “Do you want to jump in the pond in the park?”

I said,  “Yeah.”

Then a demon popped out of the pond and tried to attack us!

The slice of pizza said, “Hey, pick me up and let’s run!”

The demon said in a very angry voice, “GIVE ME THE PIZZA.”

I said to Bear, “Let’s run...”