Dooey and the Never-Ending Chocolate Bar

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 1 December 2016 

One day, Dooey the Dog was sleeping in the jungle. 

when he woke up his best friend, the Never-Ending Chocolate Bar, was there. 

Dooey and the Never-Ending Chocolate Bar were playing a game called ‘Bite the Bar.’ 

They needed a water break at the stream. The chocolate bar fell in the stream! 

Dooey saved him with a tree branch.  

Dooey needed the Never-Ending Chocolate Bar because he would help him get food. 

Dooey needed fuel before his rapping contest.  

​Dooey found a magical cupcake under a bush and he ate it. 

It gave him the power to fly to Mars and to be able to breathe there. 

He flew to Mars with the Never-Ending Chocolate Bar. 

The rapping contest on Mars was in a giant cheese block and it was very hot in there.  

After the rap was over the magic wore off, Dooey went back down to Earth.

He met a girl named Lucy who adopted him...