Doris and the Raiders of the Lost Milk

North Dublin National School Project, Glasnevin, 4th Class, 5 June 2012
One day, Doris the Dinosaur was kicked out from underneath Cornelius the grumpy old rock.

“Get out!” he yelled.

Doris walked through the forest. She felt annoyed and left out. Harry the Pebble was on the ground. He was Cornelius’ son. Doris stood on him accidentally (on purpose).

Harry started teasing Doris and giving out.  He said, “Your dream is stupid and you’ll never swim in a bowl of milk -  you’ll sink to the bottom.”

Doris had anger management issues and kicked Harry all the way to Timbuktu by way of the moon.

Doris went looking for her best friend, Rory the Recycling Bin. He lived outside an Italian restaurant.

Rory had left a note on one of the tables addressed to Doris.  It said:
 I found the ancient giant bowl of milk.

It’s in Timbuktu. Meet me at 1am in the car park at the Prehistoric Airport. Make sure you’re not followed!

Doris was excited but also afraid. While she was waiting, Doris bought a Cornetto with nuts. She started to swell up after she ate it and she became afraid that she was either allergic to nuts or lactose intolerant. If she was lactose intolerant she wouldn’t be able to swim in the bowl of milk!

What Doris didn’t know was that she was being followed by Cornelius the grumpy old rock, who was recording her...