The Doughnut Dragon

Blarney Street Boys National School, County Cork, 3rd Class, 10 February 2017

Once upon a time, there was a doughnut who called himself Donny the Doughnut.

Donny the Doughnut didn’t like the other doughnuts because they were trying to take his place at being the greatest doughnut of all time. 

And there was his best friend, Harry the Hotdog. Donny the Doughnut was sad since a lot of his friends were eaten.

Donny and Harry were both very scared of the Doughnut Dragon.

The Doughnut Dragon lived in Doughnut Valley.

So Donny and Harry built a giant flying doughnut tank.

The phrase they always say is “Doughnuts and hotdogs rule!”

The song they used to always sing when they were building anything was “Doughnuts, doughnuts, the hotdogs!”

But one day, Donny wanted to seek adventure so they went to Doughnut Planet.

When they got to doughnut planet, the Doughnut Dragon’s brother was there and he tried to lock them in their tank.

But they had the keys so he couldn’t lock them up.

But then the Doughnut Dragon’s brother said something: “I’m a nice guy.”

Harry believed him but Donny wasn’t so sure…