Dr. Death's Time To Shine

Presentation Girls' School, 4th Class, Maynooth, Kildare, 28/04/10
Dr. Death is an evil, smelly man. He lives in a haunted house in Celbridge. He loves beer and his biggest fear is his mother.

His mother is a chubby control freak who makes him do his chores all the time. Dr. Death is her only boy.

His only friend is Leonardo Dead Caprio, who is a zombie ghost. Leonardo feels sorry for Dr. Death. After hearing that Dr. Death is going on the X-Factor, Leonardo screams and says, “How are YOU going to X-Factor!”

As revenge, Leonardo starts going out with Dr. Death’s mother. When Dr. Death finds out about the relationship he goes into a jealous rage and decides to poison Leonardo Dead Caprio.

When Dr. Death goes on the X-Factor he gets voted off in the first round.

So he decides to get revenge on the judges.
He tries to get on the show again and puts a potion in the judges drinks to make them think he is a deadly singer.

Even though he really sounds like a dying cat screeching. When he sings it makes the windows crack and eye-glasses break.

When the audition is over, the judges vote Dr. Death through to the next round.