Dr. Professor Mayo and McDonald's Secret Recipe

Scoil Mhuire Griffith Avenue 10th June 2011 4th and 5th Class
Once upon a time there was a jar of mayonnaise called Dr Professor Mayo.  He had a sidekick, Roddy the colourful talking cardboard box.

One day they were hanging out in Dr. Professor Mayo’s underground secret castle, right next door to Batman.
Dr Professor Mayo didn’t often visit his other neighbor, Spiderman, because he is allergic to him.

Dr Professor Mayo and Roddy were getting the money together to pay a man called Jimicus III of England, who works in McDonald’s, to bring them a Big Mac so they could test the secret sauce and discover the ingredients.

When Jimicus III went into McDonald’s, the evil ketchup packet of doom was guarding the burgers with a ketchup gun!

“Let’s see if you can destroy my evil burger of doom!” the evil ketchup packet of doom challenged.

“You make me laugh - HAHAHAHA!” Jimicus said.

Jimicus had brought a jar of mayo from Dr Professor Mayo with him, so he opened it.

The evil ketchup packet of doom grabbed a McDonald’s plastic knife and the jar of mayonnaise from Jimicus’s hand and threatened to stick the knife in the mayonnaise if he didn’t leave!

Dr Professor Mayo and Roddy hopped into the mayo-mobile and sped to McDonald’s. They jumped out of the car and Roddy challenged the evil ketcup packet of doom to a staring contest.