DudeManGuy’s Adventure

​Scoil Thomais, Castleknock, 4th Class, 2 June 2016

Hi, my name is DudeManGuy and I’m a superhero. My best friend is Henry, the giant walking and talking pencil.

One day, my pet llama-marshmallow-unicorn was missing.

I suspected that my enemy, Sock Alien Guy, had stolen my pet from my smelly bedroom.

My bedroom is really smelly because of my socks.

Sock Alien Guy is half-sock and able to live with the smell. 

My secret agent, Dr Dorito, had told me that my pet llama-marshmallow-unicorn was in deep trouble.

Sock Alien Guy was holding my pet at his lair in Howth

“I’ll help you to find your pet,” Henry said. “I’m sick of standing on the sidelines.”

“Sure,” I said. “Thanks for helping!”

I shrank Henry down to a normal sized pencil with my laser eyes.

I put him in a clean sock and threw him into Sock Alien Guy’s lair...