Eat the Chicken, One More Time

Virgin Mary Boys National School, 3rd/4th/5th Class, 24th June 2009
Once upon a time, there was a penguin who had rabies. His name was Ginger Ninja.

He went to KFC,and he opened up a Happy Meal.

The Kentucky Fried Rice shouted up at him, “Ah! Don’t eat me!”

Then a big piece of chicken jumped up and legged it out of the window.

Ginger Ninja yelled at the chicken, “No, come back, I’m hungry for chicken!”

He put the rice in a box to bring home. On his way, he saw the piece of chicken at the bus stop. The chicken got on board, and Ginger Ninja ran after it. He leaped up onto the roof.

Then Britney Spears showed up. She pleaded, squeezing her eyes tight, “Leave the chicken alone, leave him ALONE!”

Ginger Ninja jumped off the bus and onto a skateboard. He realised that he had left his new best friend back at KFC.

Ginger Ninja stopped a man on a motorbike and took it. As he rode off, he realised the man he left behind is the Terminator and he had smashed the wheel so that Ginger Ninja went flying into KFC.

He started singing, “I believe I can fly…”

In KFC, Ginger Ninja saw Eminem eating Kentucky Fried Rice. He gave Ginger Ninja some bling— gold chains, rings, and bracelets. 

Eminem said, “ ‘Sup homie, ya want some rice? I’m gonna challenge you to a rap-off, yo.”

Eminem free-styled, “You want some rice It tastes very nice Ginger and Rice mega-busters See we are gangsters - and yous are hustlers."

Ginger Ninja battled back, “I have rabies You have none  I’m the gangster from Ballymun.”