Eliza in the Moon

Central Model Senior School, Marlborough Street, 3rd Class, 21 September 2017

Our story starts with a little girl called Eliza. She woke up one morning wanting to sleep on the moon.

Eliza was dreaming about how to go to the moon. She needed golden magical underwear to get there.

Spooky the spider came out from under the bed.

He said, “Shhh, I’ve been up all night at a party weaving a web.”

Eliza said to Spooky, “Can you help me go up to the moon?

I don’t want to go on my own because it’s dark and scary.”

Spooky said, “We can make a spider web rocket and go to the moon.”

While Eliza and Spooky were talking, Eliza’s older sister came to the door and shouted, “It’s time for breakfast. WAKE UP!!”

So Eliza and Spooky grabbed the rocket and jumped out the window to fly away…