Ellie the Magical Girl

St Vincents G.N.S. County Cork, 3rd and 4th Class, 27th January 2017

One day there was a girl called Ellie and her best friend was a dog called Diggy.

Ellie could see magical creatures. They went out to the park and they were playing ball. It was getting dark.  

Then there was a big cackle and there was a bully disguised as a clown.

He knew she was afraid of clowns so that’s why he dressed up as one.

The voice was coming from a bush nearby and it was six pm.

``I’m coming for you now’’ she heard in a deep whispering growly voice!

``Dead-ant, dead-ant, dead-ant dead-ant dead-ant, dead-ant, DEAD ANNNNNNNT!’’ she heard, coming from a beatbox in the bush.

Ellie says, ``Who’s that?’’ in a worried, scared, frightened voice, to Diggy the Dog. 

Diggy says, ``Yo, I’m scared, let’s go home, so we’ll be safe yo!’’ (he’s a rapper).

Then she heard the voice, but it was closer, it came closer, as if it was about ten centimetres away from her ear.

There was a bush next to her as well. The voice in the bush was getting louder.

``I know where you live now!’’, the voice said in an angry emoji face. 

When she went home then she heard a knock on the door.

And the dog says, ``Yo Dig Dogs! Bang bang Pe-queew!’’.

When Ellie answered the door, there was a unicorn there…