Emile and Chewy’s Adventure

St Patrick’s Boys National School, Donabate, 4th Class, 21 January 2016

Emile was a kid who loved reading magazines about camels. He also loved eating chicken curry. Emile lived in a fantasy world called Imaginationland. 

Emile was also a footballer. One day, in the middle of training, he couldn’t concentrate because he was worried his pet potato would turn evil.

Just before training, Emile had roasted the potato’s brother.

Emile turned to his best friend, Chewy the truck, and explained that he was worried and paranoid about his pet potato getting revenge. 

“Could I have some advice?” he asked Chewy. “You have a lot of experience with evil potatoes.” 

Chewy replied, “Sure, let’s eat something and you can tell me all about it.”

“Great,” said Emile. “Let’s have some chicken curry.” 

“Look at this issue of Camel Weekly – there’s great offers on camels with superpowers,” said Chewy, throwing the magazine in front of Emile. 

Emile was intrigued and excited. “You know camels with superpowers can stop evil potatoes!” he cheered.  

Chewy said, “It’s in Camelfornia. Grab your jetpack – let’s get out of here!”...