Emily and Smelly Go Wild!

St Thomas' SNS, Jobstown. 4th Class. 5th October 2011
One day, Emily the Demon Ghost was playing with her best friend.

Her friend was called Smelly the Evil Bellybutton.  He was lame, smelly of course, and was a bellybutton.

 Emily’s greatest wish was to build the world’s tallest building, made out of sweets.

The only thing standing in her way was humans.

Emily was afraid that the humans would report her to the police and she would be locked up in monster jail.  

The humans had been hunting her down for a few weeks.  She was afraid to go outside.

Emily decided to put a plan into motion to get Smelly to bring all the humans to one place.

Emily said to Smelly, “Smelly, you’re my best friend!

Could you bring all the humans together so I can build my sweet tower.”

Smelly replied, “Sure thing but…”