ESB and the Armegeddon Blast

Bennekerry National School Bennekerry, Co.Carlow 4th Class 16 June 2011
It was a Tuesday morning. ESB, the evil gas heater, woke up and fell out of his bed and banged his head.

He went downstairs for his favourite breakfast, — crow pie and doughnuts.

After breakfast he went for his morning walk. He was wearing his bikini and a pair of smart red shorts. At this moment Chucky the alien, who had just escaped from hospital, was shooting down the road on, and off his trolley.

He crashed into ESB!

“Hey! Watch where you’re going, bud!” ESB screeched.

“I’m sorry. I am in a rush. The leprechauns are after me!” Chucky told him.

“What leprechauns?” asked ESB.

“The ones that work in the hospital,” said Chucky.

ESB said, “Okay. Come with me, I can roll really fast and I’ll help you escape.”

They went back to ESB’s house in Kerry and had a cup of red berry infusion.

“I helped you, so you can help me now,” said ESB.

“To do what?” asked Chucky.

“To take over the world, of course,” was the answer.