Escape of the Gummies

St.Patrick’s National School, Castleknock, 5th class, 3rd April 2017

One day there was a sweet shop that came alive.

All of the sweets in the sweet shop were alive and could talk and walk.

The leader of the gummy gang was named Billy the gummy bear.

On the day the sweet shop opened, all the sweets in the shop found out they were going to be eaten.

Billy and his best friend Betty the Oreo knew that they were going to have to escape.

The first time they tried to escape, a baby nearly got hold of Billy and tried to eat his ear.

He slipped out of the baby’s hands just in time and ran under a crack in the floor.

After that, the gummy snakes made fun of Billy and did not think he should be the leader of the gummy gang anymore.

Betty tried to comfort him and said, “Don’t worry, we are going to find a better place to go.”

Billy told Betty, “Yeah, I want to get out of here and find the Northern Lights so I can turn into a real bear.

I feel like I am on a rocky road in here with the gummy snakes.”

The leader of the gummy snakes, Sour Snake, had an evil plan.

They put down the price of all the gummy bears to make them sell very quickly.

The next day, the gummy bears tried to fight back, but suddenly they were ambushed by the gummy snakes…