The Escape of the Mexican Brothers

​Gaelscoil an Bhradain Feasa, Drogheda, 5th Class, 4th October 2017

Everyone knows that burritos are lovely. Benny the Burrito was at home thinking to himself.

“My greatest hope is that one day I get eaten by the president!”

He was downstairs in the basement of the White House. Benny was talking to Frank about his secret wish. Frank was a fajita and his best friend.

They had been friends since Benny had saved Frank from a tray, from being eaten!

“I hope to be eaten by the president one day” said Benny, “but I’m worried I don’t have enough salsa on me!”

Frank the Fajita had different plans. He wanted to go back to the supermarket where all his other friends were.

Frank and Benny started to knock over buckets in the kitchen. They hoped that someone who worked there would come downstairs, and they could make an escape!

Just then, a butler opened the kitchen door and Benny and Frank jumped off the counter top.

Suddenly Benny got nervous. “Maybe we went a bit too far with the noise.

If more butlers come down we won’t get our chance to escape, and besides what if we go back to the supermarket and none of your friends are left?!...”