The Escaped Prisoner

dlr Libraries and Fighting Words Wicklow 27 February 2021

Miss Halloway was sitting down, sipping her tea, wondering why the murderer got away for the 6th time. 

Then she heard a knock on the door. There was an old lady at the door.

The old lady handed her a crumpled note that had been left on her doorstep with instructions to give it to Miss Halloway. The note read “ try and catch me”.

Miss Halloway was suspicious because notes like these were usually written by highly trained assassins or dim-witted criminals.

Then the old lady offered her a chocolate chip cookie not knowing that the old lady was in disguise.

She was allergic to dairy so she couldn’t eat the cookie.

Thankfully Ms. Halloway didn’t eat it because the cookie was poisoned. 

“Why was the note delivered to you” asks Miss Holloway, suspiciously. “How would I know” replied the old lady.

“I hope you are not suspecting it was me”. This time they forgot to put on their old lady voice.

The criminal fled into the shadows. Miss Halloway ran after them in hot pursuit...