The Evil Notch vs. Creeper

O’Connell’s Primary School, North Richmond Street, 5th Class, 10th May 2012
A long long time ago, twenty years in the future, Creeper was born... in the Rotunda, where all the mutants and witches were born.

When he was only small, the Evil Notch captured Creeper’s parents and made them smell his armpits everyday.

Suddenly, ten days later, Creeper decided to mount a rescue plan.

In order to get into Notch’s castle, he had to defeat Steve - Notch’s one-eyed son, who was green.

So he asked his friend Herobrine, the white-eyed spirit, to help.

Not just Steve though, they had to defeat lots of his evil minion toilets in the Evil Forest of Evil Zombie Pig-Lake.

Notch’s castle was in the centre of the lake...
“What’s da plan, man?”
Herobrine asked Creeper...