The Exciting Tales of Sparky the Magnificent

By Hannah age 11, Dublin

 “Oh no! The humans are coming to cuddle us!” I squeaked as Fluffy hid in the hidey hole.

“Come on, Fluffy,” said Tom, trying to coax her out.

“Come on, Sparkster!” Hannah cried.

All right, it’s fine when you’re being cuddled, but being caught is torture. Torture, I tell you!

I was constantly being told that Hannah picked me because of my adorable toffee-coloured nose and crazy black and white fur. How many guinea pigs have adorable rock star hair?

But enough of that…it’s great being a house guinea pig, but what I really wanted is a life of adventure like the ones I hear about. I wanted to be a famous guinea pig ‘ - Sparky the Magnificent’.

So, this story is about my daring escape. 

One night, after it had gotten dark, I saw my opportunity. The latch on the hutch wasn’t fully sealed and I managed to nudge it open without ruining my rock star hair.

“Goodbye Fluffy, I’ll write to you soon but I have to go. This is my dream about to come true,”  I said with a slight wobble in my voice. 

As I went out onto the canal, I saw a rabbit with a sore paw. She needed help so I made us a little home and nursed her back to health. In return for helping her, she agreed that she would help me get back to the hutch to visit my friend every week so I could fill her in on my exciting life outside the hutch.  

I’ve had some great adventures, helping other animals, seeing the sights and scaring off dogs who get too close to Sparky the Magnificent.

Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll go back to be a house guinea again but for now I’m loving my life of adventure.