Face the Big Bad Bunny

CDVEC Parnell Square, 11 June 2012, Illustrations by Katie Bartrand
It is one Halloween ago. Brandon and Missy are playing Monopoly.

Missy says, ‘Wuff, wuff, wuff,’ to Brandon the vampire. Brandon says, ‘No way, I’m winning the game, you silly dog.’

Brandon is scared that he will never make his dream come true. He wants to become a real boy and find true love. He has to kiss the Head Bunny to become a real boy.

The Head Bunny lives in a dumpster and is really ugly.
Brandon and Missy leave for Fluffyland. They go to a bookshop called ‘Face Bunnies’ to buy a book.

There is a special spell at the back of the book to bring them to Fluffyland.

BOOGHM!!! Surrounded by smoke, they land in Fluffyland, by magic.

‘We’ll never get past the bunny guards to reach the Head Bunny dumpster,’ says Missy.

‘Let’s try!’ says Brandon...