The Fairy Chase

St Thomas's JNS, 2nd class, County Wicklow, 26th November 2019

Once upon a time there was a dog called Tutu the Killer Dog. Tutu is a killer cake-maker. But he also kills cats and fish to eat.

Banani the Banana was Spider Killer Cat’s best friend.

They met in a haunted house earlier today at twelve o’ clock.

They bonded instantly.

They were bffs because they both hated Tutu the Killer Dog who had killed a cat down in a lake.

‘I want to save Layla the Fairy so that we can use all her magic,’ said Spider the Killer Cat in a viciously evil way.

‘I know, right’ responded Banani.

Layla the Fairy started to fly away. Killer went racing after her.

Then they realised that they were both being chased by …