The Family of Shabbydoodles

He was married to Mrs Tiffany Shabbydoodle.  He was very narky and did not like children at all, not even a little bit.  His greatest wish, more than anything else, was to be king of the world.

Although Mr Shabbydoodle did not like children, Mrs Shabbydoodle was about to have a baby, but Mr Shabbydoodle didn’t know.  She knew that Mr Shabbydoodle didn’t like children at all, not even a little bit.

The mansion was haunted by terrible twins, a boy and a girl but they only appeared to Mrs Shabbydoodle.

One night, Mr Shabbydoodle spotted something in the mirror behind him, however, when he got up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water.  He saw the boy and the girl playing football in the bathroom.

When he saw them, he fainted!  He thought it was a dream and he splashed some water on his face to wake himself up.  He couldn’t believe what he saw.

He ran to get Mrs Shabbydoodle.  “Get out of bed!  There are ghosts in the house!”
After that, the ghosts haunted Mr Shabbydoodle every night, singing, “Narky Mr Shabbydoodle!”

Very soon after the terrible twins started haunting Mr Shabbydoodle every night, Mrs Shabbydoodle had her baby.  There was a surprise – she had two babies, a boy called Dylan and a girl called Carla. 

Now there were more twins in the house!  Mr Shabbydoodle became even MORE narky once he saw the new babies!

The night before Mrs Shabbydoodle came home from hospital, Mr Shabbydoodle said to his wife, “Oh my goodness, it’s like a reflection.  They look just like me.” 

Once Mr Shabbydoodle got home, the terrible twin ghosts gave him an important message.  They still tormented him – and he still didn’t like them at all, not even a little bit – but they told him that the only way that they would leave him alone would be if he would learn to like children, including his own twin babies.

In fact, they promised that if he started to like children, that they would help him with his greatest wish – to be king of the world...