The Family Truth

Virgin Mary Girls National School​, Ballymun​, 5th Class, 9th May 2019

It was the day before Emma’s 15th birthday. Her greatest wish was to meet Ariana Grande.

Emma was in her bedroom when her mother came in. She was sitting on her bed with her dog, Bubbles.

“I have a huge surprise for you in the kitchen,” her mother said.

Emma was suspicious.

The last time her mother gave her a surprise, it was a new school uniform and a pencil case with Twistables.

Emma’s mother left the room and there was a bang at the window.

Emma glanced at the window and saw the demon ghost.

It was Feddis with a demon mask. It frightened the life out of her and she ran downstairs.

Emma went into the kitchen and saw a big, huge cake.

There was a picture of Ariana Grande on the cake and two tickets.

Emma screamed, “Yupa!” She was delighted.

Her mother said “I have another surprise for you.” She handed Emma a letter…