Farm War I

St. Laurences BNS Kilmacud 4th Class 9th June 2011
Seàn McBiscuit was born a twin, and his twin’s name was Bob. Seàn loved biscuits and Bob loved crackers.

Their father liked Seàn better and promised him the biscuit farm. Bob was jealous. He tried to sneak onto the farm and ruin the harvest. He was caught by Tom the tractor, Sean’s best friend.

“Hey you! Stop what you are doing,” yelled Tom, with a HUGE honk of his horn.

Their father heard the loud honk, and came running out to see one of his sons trying to destroy the biscuits.

He grabbed Bob and was telling him off. “You are banished from this farm!” Before he could say anymore, Bob slipped from his grip and ran away.

A year later, Bob reappeared with an army of cracker robots! Their secret weapons were a-salt rifles that destroy biscuits . . . and tractors, as well.

Suddenly it was raining salt everywhere. “What are we going to do now?” said Dad.

“I know,” said Seàn. “Let’s invent an anti-bob device. I am going to pimp out Tom and equip him with butter bombs and chocolate balloons.”

“What about acid drop guns as well?” Dad said.

Seàn was armed with an acid drop gun and stood in the farmyard, facing Bob, who was holding an a-salt rifle…