FBI Family

St Michaels Boys NS, 5th Class, County Longford, 21st Oct 2019

One day in Las Vegas Jimmy the dog was doing exercise with his owner. Then his wife told him not to go outside but to mind the children.

His wife Jackie wanted him to mind the children and Devon the chicken they had adopted as a chick who was now his best friend.

Everyone realised she had joined the FBI.  He saw her on a mission on TV.

She had broken down the door when she came back and yelled “FBI, open up!”.

Jimmy wants to join the FBI because he saw his wife and thought “Why not?”.

Then his wife said “Who is going to mind the kids?”.

He said “We can get a babysitter”.

Devon said “I can mind the children”.

And his wife said “You stay home with Devon or I will FBI break down the door again”.

Jimmy got a babysitter and secretly joined the FBI and avoided his wife.

Their owner had a robot hippopotamus who could translate animal-speak to human who was going to watch the kids.

Jimmy bought an undercover FBI car, a Porsche.

When his wife realised that he joined the FBI she was shocked....