Felix Found a Friend

St Colman's Cloyne, 3rd Class, County Cork, 15 January 2018

In 1666, there was a boy called Felix and he hated school and all the homework they gave. But most of all he hated his parents!

More than ever he really wanted a friend. So he decided to make a plan to break out of boarding school.

So he said to himself maybe he'll walk around to calm himself down so that after he had calmed down he would be able to think of a plan.

On his walk he figured out that he could dig underneath the bars.

Suddenly he hit something! It was a person turned into stone! Dun na na naaah!

Then he noticed a green scaly thing peeping out from a wall. He realised it was crying.

'Are you ok?' asked Felix

'Yeah, I just have no friends,' he whimpered. Then the green scaly thing moved out from the behind the wall and Felix noticed that it was a Basilisk!

Then Felix asked 'What's your name and why don't you have any friends?'

'My name is Bassic, but people call me Bonecruncher, and if someone looks at me they will turn to stone straight away!

And how are you able to look at me?!'