Fifty-Five-Foot Duck

Pope John Paul II NS​, Malahide​, 5th Class, 21st May 2019

There was once a duck named Ducky. Ducky was a very small duck at first.

He wanted to be the biggest duck in the world.

Ducky grew up in a sugar cane field in Papua New Guinea with his best mate Phillipio the Banana Bird.

One day Ducky accidentally swallowed a radioactive fly and got bigger.

Ducky realised that every time he ate something he got bigger.

The farmers wanted to have Ducky for dinner.

He knew he had to get out of there.

He ran to a magical place called KFB (Kentucky Fried Bread).

The farmers came to KFB and captured Ducky to bring him to China.

Ducky knew he couldn’t get out, so he called his friend Phillipio.

Phillipio decided to get on his private jet and fly to Asia…