Fins or Feathers

St Brigid’s Girls National School, Glasnevin, 5th Class, 16 June 2015 
Once upon a time, there was a uni-penguin who lived on a uni-farm. His name was Bob and he wanted to be a full unicorn. Bob’s mum was a penguin and his dad was a unicorn. 

Bob was very sad most of the time because the other full unicorns picked on him. Only his best friend Wilfred the moustache understood him. 

“I’ve had enough of the other unicorns’ jokes about me!” said Bob. “All I want to do is  become a full unicorn. My biggest fear is that I’ll become fully penguin. I want to be like my dad, not my mum.”

“I took up magic in school,” replied Wilfred, “so I could try to turn you into a full unicorn.”

“Well, what do we need to do?” asked Bob. “What happens if it goes wrong and I turn into a penguin?”

“Don’t worry, I’m an expert at magic because I’m from Australia and only the finest magicians come from Australia.”

“Okay, let’s give it a try!” said Bob. 

“Before we start, we need some magic ingredients,” said Wilfred. “First I need a hair from your mane. I need to get the animal flower from the flower mountain. I need a full unicorn’s hair. I need a raw fish, an onion and a toenail. I need a blue carrot and a scoop from a rainbow and one stinky shoe. I need a magic gem that sparkles and finally a unicorn horn.”

“WHAT? ALL THAT??” gasped Bob. “That’s a lot of ingredients!”

“That’s usually not too many,” said Wilfred. “Let’s go and start getting them...”