Fire of the Night

Our Lady of Lourdes National School, Inchicore, 5th Class, 9th March 2017

There once was a boy named AJ. He lived in a cottage by the seaside with his favourite teddy, Trevor the Monkey. 

AJ’s parents died in a fire when he was four years old.

To save him, his parents had put him in a basket and threw him out the window into the sea.

AJ survived, but had a deep scar over his right eye. 

Now AJ is 12 years old, and strange things are starting to happen.

One day, a young man showed up at the cottage where AJ lived.

AJ was scared, so he hid.

There was a knock at the door, but AJ was petrified, so he didn’t answer it.

He tried to hide behind the sofa, but he tripped over a stool, which made a big sound. 

“Hello, is there anyone there?” shouted the young man.

“NOOOOO!” shouted AJ. 

The front door was unlocked, so the young man walked inside…