Fish for Dinner

St. Fiachra’s SNS, 6th class, 11th November 2020

Jerry the Sheriff was from the Wild West, and one day he got a letter to join the FBI.

So, he put cling film on his pet goldfish, Shark's bowl and headed to New York.

Three days later, he arrived at the airport on horseback. He asked if they had a spare seat for his horse on the plane but they did not. 

He quickly brought his horse into the cargo area and said, “Don’t make any noise and if you need to go hold it.”

He sprinted onto the plane, sat down and was anxiously thinking about his horse.

When he got off the plane, he quickly ran to the cargo area and smelled a horrible smell, only to find his horse looking at him innocently. 

When he got to New York City, what did he see out of the corner of his eye but his older brother, Tom.

He knew he had to get on his horse quickly to escape him.

Jerry was afraid of his older brother because he was a bit of a bully and a better sheriff. 

He tried to get away but Manhattan is a big place.

His older brother was stronger and faster than him, so he got to the horse before Jerry. 

Tom caught up to Jerry and asked, “Why did you run away, you wimp?”

Jerry said, “Leave me alone.”

Jerry ran away and tried to find the FBI.

He doesn’t find the FBI but he did find a horse shoe cleaner for his horse, Donkey. 

Jerry felt something wet and heavy in his pocket and discovered that Shark’s fish bowl was broken.

Jerry went to try to find Shark but he wasn’t there.

He remembered Tom reaching into his pocket when he dismissed it at the time. 

Tom had taken Shark as his dinner...